Insider 7 Hodgepodge

This collection of unreleased CoherentLight material from their website is pretty much summed up by the title - a little of everything. Great smoking styles including frenches, snaps, nose exhales, right-at-you exhales...smoking interviews...smoking while playing pool...smoking while playing guitars...a lap dance...and it's finished off with Maddie smoking two at once in closeup. A terrific collection of varied scenes. This video has dialogue and natural sound.
Actors: Alli
Studio: Coherent Light Photography
Categories: Group
Length: 60+ Minutes

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Insider 1 Ivy
The Insider series is CoLight's series of DVDs compiled from footage shot exclusively for their paysite. So, what's different about Ivy's Insider? 1. Insider videos will usually be from video already released in the member's area. However, CoLight did find lost footage from the incomplete Guardian Angel project. The eight minute ending is now on this disk. 2. It also contains several cigarettes worth of holder footage with Ivy and Aron. Ed has looked for this holder footage on the site or on other vids without luck. It too may be unreleased. 3. The solo and paired holders footage on this vid is included because there was so little of Ivy on the site. As always, there is lots of accomplished smoking, with snaps, nostril exhales, french inhales, double drags and much more. And the unfinished Guardian Angel starting-to-smoke sequence, while never finished, remains one of the finest sequence of smoking video ever filmed. This video includes dialogue and natural audio.

Insider 10 Smoked
The Insider series is CoLight's series of DVDs compiled from footage shot exclusively for their paysite. This dark side video features lots of use of the smoked forced mask and forced smoke gag, as the 'Scruffy Guy' is the primary target of being smoked out, but there's also some girl on girl forced smoking as well. There's a lot of verbal humiliation to go along with the smoke domination and accomplished techniques shown by all the models; it's a dark side tour-de-force, but with enough great smoking to keep non-dark siders interested as well. This video has dialogue and natural audio.

Insider 11 Shadow World Ashes
The Insider series is CoLight's series of DVDs compiled from footage shot exclusively for their paysite. And this video features dark side highlights from the site, including models in masks, in leather and corsets, as well as blowing smoke in Ed's face, ashing on him and on the viewer, lots of domme dialogue, holders, and right-at-you footage. It's a terrific smorgasbord for dark side fans, yet the smoking is, as always, exceptional - so it's well worth checking out even if you're not into the darker stuff. This video has dialogue and ambient sound.

Insider 2 Nadja
The Insider series is CoLight's series of DVDs compiled from footage shot exclusively for their paysite. In this video featuring perhaps CoLight's most popular model, Nadja, we see her smoking while putting on make-up and watching some morning TV, smoking VS 120s in a gown, reclining on a table, playing the Jersey Girl smoking Pall Mall unfiltereds and dangling, as an executive after work, as a vixen, in lingerie, and then in an interesting scene in which there are two images of Nadja, smoking next to herself. Throughout the video, Nadja shows her incredible snaps, open-mouth inhales, double drags, thick mouth and nose exhales - exquisitely accomplished smoking. This video has natural audio and some dialogue.

Insider 3 Girlfriends
The third title in CoherentLight's Insider series focuses on unreleased footage from their members' area with girl-girl smoking, smoke exchanges, smoky kisses and even a lap dance. The smoking is exceptional throughout, with mouth, nose, mouth-nose and residual exhales along with the smoke exhanges, and snaps and frenches as well. And needless to say, each scene is sexier than the next. There's also one scene with a holder. This video has natural audio and some dialogue.
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