Abbie Solo 2

Abbie's IRL return is a triumph, as she smokes in eight scenes with great style and dialogue. She starts in glasses, answering some customers' questions about her age, when and how she started smoking, and so on. She returns for a similar scene to talk about the fetish and her feelings about guys watching her smoke. For the next scenes, she removes her glasses to smoke a Marlboro Red 100 and talk about strong cigarettes (sometimes I just like a stronger cigarette), to smoke in pigtails while talking about (and showing) her snap inhales, and to talk about (and show off) her nostril exhales. Abbie then has two scenes in the bar drinking a beer, (I love drinking and smoking) and talking about the type of guys she likes to date (I only date guys who really like it when I smoke). She finishes while wearing a hot leather jacket, and continuing her discussion of the types of guys she likes and her dislike of occasional smokers. It's hard to say that Abbie's second solo video is better than her first - but we think it is. Throughout the video, there are too many snaps, nose exhales and open-mouth inhales to count, along with some frenches and lots of nice mouth exhales. And we think you'll agree that Abbie is a true smoking video superstar, with fabulous looks, a killer smile and an incredible personality to go along with her accomplished style. You will Abbie enjoy Marlboro Lights 100s, Marlboro 100s, Virginia Slims 100s and 120s, and use lighters for lightups.
Actors: Abbie
Studio: In Real Life
Categories: Pg
Length: 45+ Minutes
URL: To Visit In Real Life, click here!

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Abbie Solo
In Abbie's IRL debut, you'll see why she may be the hottest new smoking model to come along in quite some time. She's not only beautiful, with a killer smile and personality, but her natural love of smoking and the joy she takes in smoking every cigarette jump right through the screen. In eight scenes Abbie shows the many sides of her personality, with a running commentary as she smokes. Among the scenes: Abbie tells us how she enjoys smoking because it contradicts her cute and innocent look, she tells us about smoking VS 120s with her high school teacher, she shows us how she sometimes fantasizes about being a bad girl in leather smoking Marlboro Reds, she talks about how she loves being noticed by men as she smokes, and she demonstrates some of her favorite smoking styles. Abbie's style is accomplished and sexy, with deep inhales followed by cone exhales, lots and lots of nostril exhales, open-mouth and snap inhales, and some nice french inhales and double pumps as well. You will see Abbie enjoy Marlboro Lights 100s, Marlboro 100s, Virginia Slims 100s and 120s, and use lighters for lightups.
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