Speed Smoking Girls 1

This candid speed-smoking video features Asian women filmed in natural environments. You'll see the women power smoke through cigarettes in as little as two or three minutes. Some of these girls are so cute that it's hard to imagine they are heavy smokers. Most exhales are in the side profile view but some are right at you. You will see deep drags, dangle drags, snap inhales, mouth-nose exhales, lightups, nose exhales, dangles, some double drags and lots of regular exhales.This video has natural background sound.
Actors: Various
Studio: Killer Smoking Candids
Categories: Pg
Length: 60+ Minutes

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Speed Smoking Two Cigarettes In Less Than Four Minutes
In this early Smoking Sweeties video, heavy-smoking Inma smokes two cigarettes in a row, in just under four minutes. Not including her light-up time, it takes her about 1:30 per cigarette! Every drag she takes is a double pump, inhaling the second while exhaling out of her nose, with a few french inhales thrown in too. It's an awesome sight - soon she is surrounded by thick smoke, and she does not slow down at all. Inma says she's accustomed to smoki