Adrianna And Sami Hardcore

Adrianna and Sami are two models who are into each other in real life, and it shows in this girl-girl smoking video. The two girls don't waste any time; as the video opens, they're nude and touching each other, with lots of shotguns to go along with their exploring and licking. The foreplay continues for quite a while, and they then move on to the intense, noisy girl-girl hardcore section of the video with lots of manual and tongue stimulation in a number of different positions while smoking, often blowing their smoke onto (or into) their partner. Adrianna and Sami both smoke all-white 100s, and in this video they alternate the smoking, first Sami smokes a full cigarette, then Adrainna has one, and so one. They share their last cigarette in an afterglow scene. Both models show nice inhales and straightforward exhales, and use lighters for lightups. This video features natural sound.
Actors: Adrianna
Studio: Smoking Video Ltd
Categories: Lesbian
Length: 55+ Minutes
URL: To Visit Smoking Video Ltd., click here!

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A Jewel For Cory Lane
Cory Lane admits to be a learner when it comes to smoking, and her willingness to try new things suggested by her fans generates enthusiasm from them. This video features two scenes with Cory, the first a long private session with her, her Capris and her naked body. The second is more creative, as her friend and roommate Jewel makes a guest appearance and helps her act out a story about smoking problems and solutions. It seems Jewel's constant smoking bothers Cory, who pretends to be grossed out and disgusted by Jewel smoking before going out to a party. Cory's whining irritates her roommate to no end, and Jewel responds by tying Cory up with pantyhose and blowing large billowing clouds of smoke right at her for some nasty fun. Finally, you'll meet Alexandra, who takes great delight in trying to smoke both cigarettes and her man's organ for the first time on camera, and Cassie with an encore scene, telling you all about herself and her website and then finishing with some steamy oral sex to completion. This video has dialogue, natural audio and music.

All Puffed Up
In this Platinum Edition release of original material, Bob visits the city, which forms a backdrop to some of the smoky scenes. This video features seven of 'adult Hollywood's' glamorous women who smoke:Temptress, Jennifer George (Cover girl), Carly Sparks, Kat Daniels, Chelsea Blue, Gina Rome and Lea. Some of the scenes feature nudity and some just peeks under clothing or lingerie; some feature sedate smoking, some feature touching or smoky masturbation, some feature solo play and one features all-out lesbian smoking and licking. All feature seductive, sensual smoking and sizzling hot smokers. This title has dialogue, music and natural sound.

Ashley And Sonya Hardcore
Ashley and Sonya Hardcore is an explicit lesbian smoking video. Ashley begins by seducing Sonya into smoking with her, and after a few shotguns, Ashley undresses Sonya as they share cigarettes. It doesn't take long for the hardcore action to begin, with Ashley servicing Sonya with her mouth and a vibrator as they share smokes; the two then change positions and Sonya does the same for Ashley. The video ends with the two cuddling and sharing one more smoke. The action is seen straight through from start to finish; it's then seen a second time from three supplemental cameras, providing a number of different angles on the sex and the smoking. The models smoke Marlboro Lights 100s, and use lighters for light-ups. There are also some chain-smoking light-ups. Ashley's normal smoking style includes deep double and triple drags; Sonya settles for deep single drags, but adds some french inhales to the mix. This video features some dialogue and ambient sound during the sex scenes.

Bambi And Thumper
Bambi is young, cute and fresh to the scene. Dressed up in nylon, fur and pearls she's transformed into a youthful goddess. She smokes for her own pleasure and to prepare her mouth for lots of oral activity. She proves herself a competent and natural smoker and an even more natural and sexy swallower. Blonde Georgia offers a different style of smoking for a mood piece set in lingerie and late afternoon sunlight. Her inhales are subtle and quite interesting to watch. Lovely Czech porn star Monica Sweetheart is a natural smoker with solid technique and a willingness to learn all about the fetish. The video closes with a scene featuring the excellent smoking of favorites Charlie Laine and Mary Jane. They are deeply involved in a double masturbation situation, smoking like chimneys thru the entire orgasmic scene.

Better Than One
Allie and her best friend Mercedes prove that two hot female smokers are definitely better than one in this video. The two start by sitting, chatting and smoking - but they quickly move to more interesting activities, undressing each other as they smoke, sharing their cigarettes, and then playing sexually. Allie and Mercedes each smoke non-stop, and they take turns servicing the other, first bathing their breasts and pussy with smoke, and then licking and using a vibrator on each other.
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