Celeste And Guests

While this volume features lots of footage of accomplished footage of Celeste, it also features a mother (Geri) and daughter (Chelsea) combo. The La Verite series of videos (previously sold under the names Cyclops) feature lengthy segments shot in profile with strong backlight - with a huge assortment of smokers, most of them very accomplished. Celeste begins the video and demonstrates her usual full array of techniques: snaps, French inhales, recycled French inhales, rings, nose only, combined, and mouth only exhales. She is followed by Heather, who does straightforward inhales followed by tight stream exhales, a few nose only exhales, and combined exhales. Geri is next: she has a style similar to Heather's with the addition of the occasional French inhale and smoke rings. Chelsea is Geri's daughter, a newcomer to smoking who nonetheless has a very accomplished style; she does rings, French inhales, snap inhales, recycled French inhales, and cone exhales with nose residuals. She has two sequences: one with cigarettes, the other with Black and Mild cigars. These videos were shot in analog, not digital format - so the the video quality isn't quite the same as modern digital videos. You may get best results by setting your media player display at 50 percent for this video. This video features a music background.
Actors: Celeste
Studio: La Verite
Categories: Pg
Length: 100+ Minutes

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