Double H videos, off the market for years until now, focus on heavy and accomplished smokers with a premium placed on strong backlight to show thick smoke. If you enjoy watching a woman smoke a fine cigar, Samantha smokes two that you will never forget. The first scene has Samantha going through the ritual of savoring a fine eight-inch Macanudo, with a ring size of 50. For a few minutes she prepares and lights the cigar with a wooden match. Then, she smokes her trophy, doing frequent massive french inhales, and occasionally bringing the smoke into her lungs via huge open-mouth inhales. The second segment consists of Samantha smoking a Swisher Sweet cigar, eagerly inhaling the smoke and letting out various exhales, mostly perfect smoke rings. There is no audio. Since the Double H videos were all shot in analog format many years ago, the video quality isn't quite the same as today's digital videos - you may get best results by setting your media player display at 50 percent for this video.
Actors: Samantha
Studio: Double H Videos
Categories: Cigars
Length: 30+ Minutes

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Angie And Sister Cigars
Noemie, Angie and Angie's little sister Bianca are featured, first smoking big cigars, and later on, smoking smaller, tipped cigars. Noemie and Angie inhale every drag, with lots of snaps and some frenches; it was Bianca's first shot at cigars, so she only inhales about half the time, but still does an amazing job. There are solos, duos and trios, smoke play, plus a great scene with Angie and Bianca dangling their cigars while playing cards. There is ambient sound.

Cigar Models Volume 1
Fifteen top British models smoke a wide variety of cigars in more than twenty different scenes including duo scenes, from small to huge. About half the models inhale their smoke; the others play with it well. There are several topless scenes included. This video has natural sound and some dialogue.

Cigar Smoking Teen Dream
Ruby is a Texas teen who loves to smoke cigars. The video opens with Ruby in Levis and a bra, dancing and powering through a nice sized Macanudo with big open mouth exhales, and lots of smoky, oozy exhales - she also loves to blow rings. Ruby also lets you in on how she started smoking and what it means to her. Different outfits follow, with lots more open mouth exhales and rings, as she totally enjoys her smoke. Next, she brings out her Swisher Sweets and smokes one after the other, both indoors and outdoors, in several different outfits. Again, there are many scenes of Ruby playing with her smoke, blowing rings, and showing total attitude and obvious love of the smoke. This video has natural audio and some dialogue. It was filmed many years ago on analog tape so the quality is a bit lower than our digitally-filmed videos, and that is reflected in the download price.

Becky, Beth and Carrie each smoke their cigars in turn. Becky smokes a Cortadita, Beth smokes her Churchill and Carrie smokes a generic medium sized cigar. There are lots of deep inhales throughout; Becky and Carrie show lots of thick mouth/nose exhales and Beth does a number of french inhales followed by mouth exhales. Becky and Beth also play with their smoke. This title has natural sound; it is from a 1997 videotape that was never released on digital media so the video quality isn't as sharp as modern-day DVDs - but it's a great outing.

Cigars Plus
This is a cigar and cigarette video. Bianca, Noemie and Angie alternate sittings, smoking large cigars, then tipped cigars and finally doing some short scenes with cigarettes. But the real twist is that on almost every inhale, even with the large cigars, all three take very deep drags (often with snap inhales), exhale some of the smoke through their mouth, and then exhale the residual smoke through their nostrils. There is ambient sound.
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