Double H videos, off the market for years until now, focus on heavy and accomplished smokers with a premium placed on strong backlight to show thick smoke. Angel is a sweet 19-year old college student, and has a natural beauty that is greatly enhanced by her smoking of all-white Marlboro Lights. While studying, she smokes with high volume mouth exhales; after her first exhales, she continues to breathe smaller spikes of smoke out of her mouth with every breath. And as the studying gets more intense, so does Angel's smoking. She does an occasional french inhale, and starts to exhale out of her nose; she has naturally flared nostrils, so the smoke flows out in two massive thick streams. There is no audio. Since the Double H videos were all shot in analog format many years ago, the video quality isn't quite the same as today's digital videos - you may get best results by setting your media player display at 50 percent for this video.
Actors: Angel
Studio: Double H Videos
Categories: Pg
Length: 35+ Minutes

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Angela Marie Exposed
Angela Marie is perhaps the sultriest smoking model on film. She is featured in three scenes in this video, two of them extended scenes where she smokes two cigarettes (with chain lightups). In the first, Angela Marie starts out in lingerie, elbow-length gloves, stockings and heels; in the second, we see her in red leather boots and jacket with short skirt and fishnet stockings; and in the third she wears a black leather jacket over a leather bustier that exposes her breasts. In each scene, she does a slow strip with light touching (both above and below). Angela Marie shows an extraordinarily sexy smoking style throughout, with very deep inhales and many, extremely thick mouth and nose exhales. We also see some nicely-done french inhales, dangles and double drags. Angela Marie smokes Marlboro Lights 100s, Salem 100s, and Marlboro 100s (in the gold pack), and uses matches and lighters for lightups (plus the two chain lightups). This video features ambient sound.

Angelina Oral
Angelina steps up to the plate for her turn at smoky oral sex - and she doesn't disappoint. Once again, this is smoking and oral sex from start to finish, with no filler - Angelina powers through cigarette after cigarette, bathing her boyfriend's organ in smoke from her mouth and her nose, deep throating him with smoke streaming through her nose, and working her way to a messy facial finish. Angelina does lots of nose exhales, while smoking and teasing, straight onto her man's genitals and while going down on him - she also blows lots of smoke onto him before doing her oral work. She's a strong smoker, and mixes the smoking and oral sex quite well, with a terrific seductive look throughout.

Angelina Wild Oral
A strong, no-frills smoking oral sex session, as Angelina (first in lingerie, then topless) smokes all-white after all-white, going down on her boyfriend with smoke flowing from her nose and mouth beautifully, all the way to a messy finish. It's shown from a mix of longer and closeup angles, with natural sound.

Pink Angel 1
The debut video from this cute, hot, oustanding smoker features her smoking in fourteen full scenes: all whites and corks, everything from VS 120s to Max 120s to Misty 120s, from Newport 100s (lots of them!) to Marlboro 100s. We see PinkAngel in everything from tight top and jeans, to leather, to lingerie; we see her smoking while putting on makeup, smoking on the beach, smoking while sitting in a car and while driving a car. There is a gret multiple VS 120 scene; there are nice closeup and longshot scenes; there's a scene with nice dialogue. And throughout, PinkAngel shows us huge inhales, thick cone exhales (along with a few nose exhales), terrific snaps, frenches, and double drags - and a wonderful attitude to go along with her accomplished smoking. A four star opener.

Pink Angel 2
This collection of ten scenes from Pink Angel runs from lingerie to casual, sexy to cute, from corks to all-whites, from nice to a bit nasty. She of course talks about her smoking, and also talks about her parents and her life, her vices and what she'd do to make you start smoking. The style is outstanding, with lots of accomplished snap and french inhales, a scene of thick nose exhales, numerous double drags and residual exhales, and enormous cones throughout. Pink Angel is, quite simply, one of the best current day smokers out there. There is dialogue and natural sound.
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