Romy Lingerie And Holders

This video features five scenes with Romy, wearing black and red outfits including bustiers, teddies, garters and stockings (including fishnets), gloves and a sexy one-piece slit outfit, as she smokes with moderate-length holders. Romy shows her usual strong smoking, with deep inhales, thick exhales and great style, plus some clenches and dangles. There is one scene with dialogue, as she talks about why she enjoys being a smoking model. She smokes various brands, and uses lighters for lightups.
Actors: Romy
Studio: Smoking Video Ltd
Categories: Lingerie
Length: 55+ Minutes
URL: To Visit Smoking Video Ltd., click here!

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Adarra And Barbie
Adarra, and then Barbie, masturbate while smoking. Adarra starts out playing with her boobs and rubbing her pussy, then lies back to get more serious. After smoking several all-whites, she lights two at once and masturbates to completion. Barbie follows in a sexy and revealing mesh outfit, playing with herself sexily, before lighting a multiple and working herself more seriously. Both models show deep drags, great snap inhales and thick cone exhales throughout their scenes; there is natural sound.

Adrianne Black
This video features four sexy scene with hot brunette Adrianne, smoking all-whites in lingerie, corset and casual outfits. First, she relaxes on a couch and plays with her huge breasts, exhaling huge cones into the air and onto her boobs. She then smokes outdoors in a red and black corset, indoors in boots under Christmas decorations, and finally in a red bra using a short holder. Sexy stuff. There is no audio.

Aimie And Olivia
Aimie wakes up in bra and panties and enjoys an all-white with deep drags and nice mouth exhales; she decides to keep smoking and play with her body, finally masturbating as she smokes. Olivia is on the couch, chaining with open-mouth inhales and cone exhales; she finishes by smoking two at once as she masturbates to a noisy finish. There is natural audio in both segments.

All Talk And Lots Of Action
NEW RELEASE! Talk, talk, talk - it's what most of you really enjoy, especially if there's lots of great smoking, eye candy and action to go along with it. Samantha starts, smoking her Marlboro Lights with great technique, topless and in hot lingerie and natural sunlight. Missy is a bundle of happy, sparkling energy, chatting and laughing and stripping and giving you lots of peeks as she chats and smokes with style. Brooke Belle is full of great stories, and great smoking, as she plays with her smoke in front of a mirror; a highlight comes as she smokes in black lingerie and gloves

Attractive brunette Anett starts out in lingerie, smoking corks and lightly touching herself. As the video moves on, she ends up topless with her lingerie pulled up, masturbating to completion. Anett smokes nicely, with deep drags, mouth exhales and a few double drags and nose exhales. There is natural sound.
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