Forced Smoking 5

The slave's head is back in the box, and once again, Noemie's girls are filling the box with heavy clouds of smoke. They force him to breathe so much smoke that his head becomes completely obscured. There are four scenes with the slave, each with a different array of three or four models exhaling their smoke through straws into the box - and slave. Those scenes are sandwiched (literally) around two very different segments; first, we see Julie totally encased in plastic wrap, with Noemie bathing her in smoke from More 120s, including forced second-hand inhales and some light slapping as well. Then, we watch Noemie actually encasing Julie in the plastic wrap after forcing her to take off her dress (revealing just bra and panties); she then gets the same treatment with smoke bathing (all-whites this time) and slapping, plus some ashing and forced inhales.
Actors: Julie
Studio: Smoke Signals Inc
Categories: Dark Side
Length: 40+ Minutes

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Forced Smoke And Summer Heat
This interesting and varied video opens with Michelle Thorne, who smokes and then pleasures herself in a lengthy and sexy scene. Venus enjoys several cigarettes as she watches herself smoke in the mirror, classy and pretty. Michelle Thorne returns, and she's tired of her roommate Isabella Camille complaining about her smoking. She decides to trick Isabella into testing some ropes she had for her 'kinky bugger of a boyfriend.' Once Isabelle is tied up, Michelle takes her revenge, teasing and torturing Isabella with smoke and forcing her to take some puffs. Michelle then has her way with Isabella in a scene that's funny and very sexy. The video closes with Jewel by herself - nothing but her cigarettes and busy wet fingers. This title has natural sound, music and some dialogue.

Forced Smoking 1
This is the video that popularized the term enforced smoking. Noemie torments her poor male victim, forcing him to inhale her smoke for an hour in almost every way imaginable: she exhales into his face, she directs smoke straight at him through a straw, puts a bag around his head and fills it with smoke, even duct-tapes a cigarette to his mouth while she bathes him with her own smoke. And all the while, she's performing for you - deep inhales, thick snaps and slow exhales, oversized cigarettes, cigars, even two cigarettes at once.

Forced Smoking 2
This video opens with Noemie and her friend Jenny torturing their bound male slave, forcing him to inhale their smoke in almost every way imaginable. They blow the smoke directly into his face, into his mouth and nose through straws, even into a plastic bag over his head. Then, the table is turned, and it's Noemie who's forced to take the man's smoke.

Forced Smoking 3
Noemie is back with the third installment in her smoke torture of her slave. She binds him, and for the next 50 minutes bathes him in so much thick smoke that it seems to pour out of the screen. The slave is immersed in smoke from Noemie's straight exhales, tight streams blown through a straw at his eyes, nose and mouth, enormous clouds from one of her oversized cigarettes - and finally, forced to breathe incredible amounts of smoke while his head is encased in an air-tight box. All the while, Noemie is ashing on his chest and in his mouth.

Forced Smoking 4
In this video, Noemie is joined by sisters Angie and Bianca, Julie, and of course, their slave - for non-stop forced smoking. Thick streams, duct tape, hoses, straws, smoke tubes - you name it - the girls use it to give the slave a smoke-filled marathon.
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