Irl Platinum 43

This brand-new title from IRL Platinum features IRL's gorgeous new, amazing smoker Kaitlyn, who enjoys several Marlboro Reds with her fabulous teasing style, showing huge inhales, perfect french inhales, and luxurious cone exhales with coy but genuine smiles. Natural nose exhaler Aly is back to smoke a couple of Marlboro Menthols in short top and cutoffs, with her beautiful thick nose and mouth-nose exhales on display. Viola smokes a cork and then an all-white while reading a magazine; she inhales deeply and follows with quick but thick mouth-nose exhales. Finally, hot Maria is back to enjoy several Marlboro Menthols with her exaggerated, sexy cone exhales. There is natural sound throughout.
Actors: Aly
Studio: In Real Life
Categories: Pg
Length: 30+ Minutes
URL: To Visit In Real Life, click here!

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Irl Platinum 1
NEW RELEASE - NEW MATERIAL! The first IRL Platinum release, shot in HD, takes IRL 2.0 to a new level with up-close and personal smoking and interviews. Beautiful and cultured Carmen loves to chain-smoke; she opens this video with two scenes, chaining all-white 100s in each of the scenes. Her inhales are deep, her cone and mouth/nose exhales are lovely. Alisha is next up; she does a lengthy smoking interview with Carmen asking the questions (and apparently influencing Alisha to chain!). Alisha has strong straightforward style, and also shows us nice french inhales and snaps during her long scene. Sexy Adarra finishes the video with a very hot scene, also chaining two all-whites with slow and seductive snap inhales, mouth and nose exhales. The title has natural sound and dialogue in the interview scene; it's just the first of many HD Platinum releases from IRL.

Irl Platinum 10
NEW RELEASE - NEW MATERIAL! The latest video from IRL Platinum features some great smoking in two duo scenes. However, due to a technical problem, there was no audio - so this title is being sold at a discount price. Ava and Jade are up first, with strong inhales, thick mouth and mouth/nose exhales and talking exhales; they're followed by Gia and Stellajay who show nice cone exhales and some smoke rings in their scene. All four models smoke corks, and there are some chain lightups scattered through the video.

Irl Platinum 11
NEW RELEASE - NEW MATERIAL! The latest video from IRL Platinum starts with Adarra and Stella relaxing on the bed, chatting about smoking and guys, with quite a bit of talk about their smoking histories. There are huge cone exhales, snaps, french inhales, smoke rings and more. Adarra smokes corks and Stella smokes all-whites. Coed Kady is next, smoking Marlboro Lights 100s with deep drags and nice thick exhales in a casual shoot. Finally, Olivia and Autumn smoke corks and talk about their smoking histories; there are great cone exhales along with Olivia's natural snaps. This HD Platinum release has natural sound and dialogue and is shot in the IRL 2.0 up-close and personal style.

Irl Platinum 12
NEW RELEASE - NEW MATERIAL! The latest video from IRL Platinum features two lengthy group scenes. First, coeds Kady and Jenna sit on the couch and talk about everything imaginable relating to their smoking histories, as they smoke with strong straightforward style; then Kristen and Sandra are in black with a goth look, as they discuss their own smoking stories and smoke well. This HD Platinum release has natural sound and dialogue.

Irl Platinum 13
NEW RELEASE - NEW MATERIAL! The latest video from IRL Platinum features three models chaining corks: Ava A. is in a blue silk robe, with lots of luscious french inhales and beautiful mouth and mouth/nose exhales; cute studious Jenna is next in a casual shoot, with deep drags and thick cone exhales; Jade A. follows with her own french inhales and classic mouth/nose exhales. The video finishes with Gia smoking several corks in a row, with sedate straightforward mouth and nose exhales. This title has no audio.
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