Multiples 5

ALL NEW from IRL 2.0 - never released material! Five IRL Platinum models smoke two-at-once; the scenes range from Adarra's accomplished, voracious smoking as she takes double and triple drags with huge snaps as she smokes - to Gia's quiet style as she enjoys the extra smoke she's taking in - to Sandra's and Lexi's first attempts at smoking a multiple. Adarra and Bailey's scenes were shot at twilight, adding some interesting shadows and highlights to the visual impact. There is natural sound.
Actors: Adarra
Studio: In Real Life
Categories: Pg
Length: 30+ Minutes
URL: To Visit In Real Life, click here!

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Multiples 1
ALL NEW from IRL 2.0 - never released material! Six of IRL's newest models smoke two-at-once; corks and all-whites, deep drags and thick exhales (mouth and nose), snaps and frenches. It's all shot in the new IRL 2.0 single-camera style, with lots of fantastic closeups - featuring models who love inhaling twice the smoke, and exhaling thick streams that never stop. This title has natural sound.

Multiples 2
ALL NEW from IRL 2.0 - never released material! Four of IRL's newest models smoke two-at-once, and there's some extraordinary material here. First, beautiful Aimie enjoys a pair of all-whites with nice inhales and perfect mouth exhales; needing more smoke, she uses the first two butts to chain into another double. Next up is petite and sultry Arab smoker Amira, who's one of the hungriest smokers of all time. She simply devours two corks, then chains into another, and another - smoking two pairs in her segment. Throughout, her drags are immense, with lots of double drags - smoke streaming from her nose and mouth, lots of sexy snaps - all with satisfied smiles. This girl loves her smoke. Sedate Carmen follows, with nice drags, mouth and nose exhales; she looks more like she belongs in a library, studying - than in a smoking video chaining two muiltiples in a row. Finally, Meaghan has taken off her glasses and is in a party dress that reveals her kinky side (who would have guessed she had those tats?) as she smokes two-at-once with lots of double drags. We've seen lots of multiples videos - but never anything like this.

Multiples 3
ALL NEW from IRL 2.0 - never released material! Alisha opens the video smoking a pair of all-whites with deep inhales, nice cones and beautiful looks; Carmen smokes two 120s at once - and then, needing more smoke, chains into two more, with snaps, mouth and mouth/nose exhales throughout. Coed Kady does her own great job with a pair of all-whites in a rapid smoking scene, followed by a second pair, smoked only a little more leisurely. Finally, Meaghan - who's really come to appreciate the amount of smoke she gets from multiples - smokes two pairs of all-whites with her natural snap/wafts, multiple drags and thick mouth exhales. These girls love their smoke! The video has natural sound.

Multiples 4
ALL NEW from IRL 2.0 - never released material! Studious Jenna opens this video, calmly smoking a single cork, but as she finishes it she realizes it was nowhere near enough, and chains into a pair of corks and smokes both with deep drags and beautiful cone exhales. Olivia is up next, smoking a pair of VS 120s with strong, straightforward style; Gia then follows with her own multiple pair of VS 120s, smoking with sedate and sophisticated style. Finally, coed Kady is back having fun as she smokes a pair of all-whites with a big smile on her face. The video has natural sound on two of the clips; two are silent.

Multiples 6
ALL NEW from IRL 2.0 - never released material! Three models are featured in this volume: First, Maya smokes an all white with messy snaps and cone exhales, and after she's done she needs more smoke, so she immediately lights two-at-once and smokes them with the same nice style. Chloe follows, and it's much the same story; a single cigarette doesn't do it for her, so she follows it right away with a multiple, showing thick mouth exhales the entire time. Finally, sexy Angelina Mylee enjoys two VS 120s at once, with french inhales, open-mouth inhales, smoke play and husky mouth exhales. There is natural sound throughout.
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