Smokin Horndogs

Long and lean Jayden Cole opens this video lying back and relaxing across the dining room table. She lights up and you get gorgeous peeks as she smokes a Capri and then a cork. Speaking of dinner, Angel Cummings makes her guest appearance count, as she slurps up lots of dick to go with her smoke. Angel is calm and sexy as she goes about her business and thoroughly enjoys the play, the smoke and the creamy result. Ultra sleek and gorgeous Lux Kassidy appears in her first smoking bedroom scene, in sheer and sassy black rh&t nylons that fit her to perfection. Lexi Stone makes her own guest appearance smoking a More and Marlboro Menthol. There's a hot mood scene, as she shows off and plays with her body in shiny nylons, and lots of her bronzed skin captured in soft, setting sunlight. Finally Lux Kassidy returns her second bedroom moment, a totally torrid masturbation scene with a toy. She pleasures herself with lots of smoke before and after some hot, wet solo sex. The smoking is strong throughout this video, with lots of deep inhales and thick, creamy exhales. There is natural sound and some music.
Actors: Angel Cummings
Jayden Cole
Lexi Stone
Lux Kassidy
Studio: Bobs Videos
Categories: Oral
Length: 85+ Minutes

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A Jewel For Cory Lane
Cory Lane admits to be a learner when it comes to smoking, and her willingness to try new things suggested by her fans generates enthusiasm from them. This video features two scenes with Cory, the first a long private session with her, her Capris and her naked body. The second is more creative, as her friend and roommate Jewel makes a guest appearance and helps her act out a story about smoking problems and solutions. It seems Jewel's constant smoking bothers Cory, who pretends to be grossed out and disgusted by Jewel smoking before going out to a party. Cory's whining irritates her roommate to no end, and Jewel responds by tying Cory up with pantyhose and blowing large billowing clouds of smoke right at her for some nasty fun. Finally, you'll meet Alexandra, who takes great delight in trying to smoke both cigarettes and her man's organ for the first time on camera, and Cassie with an encore scene, telling you all about herself and her website and then finishing with some steamy oral sex to completion. This video has dialogue, natural audio and music.

Abbie Hardcore
Gorgeous blonde and incredible smoker Abbie returns, in a sizzling hardcore video. This video opens with Abbie at a table in a bar, in cut-offs and fishnet stockings, smoking and drinking a beer, obviously agitated. She finally calls the girlfriend she was waiting for and finds out she's been left hanging. Abbie lights a second cigarette and is approached by a guy who obviously appreciates her smoking and invites her back to his place - she willingly accepts, and the pair go right at it as soon as they get to his apartment. There's a little kissing, some dry humping and foreplay (where the camera focuses mainly on Abbie and her smoking), and then things get serious, with Abbie going down on the guy for some nice smoky oral sex, followed by very active doggy-style and missionary sex, leading to a messy finish on Abbie's belly and pants. The video finishes with an exhausted Abbie smoking in an afterglow scene, playing with the cum and the smoke, too tired to move. Abbie shows a lot of her spectacular smoking style, not only in the bar where we see open-mouth inhales and snaps, frenches and nose exhales, but also during the sex scenes where there's an abundance of open-mouth inhales and snaps, many in closeup. The smoking during the oral sex is a mixture of Abbie going down after an inhale with residual smoke seeping from her mouth, and at times bathing the man's organ with inhaled and thick uninhaled smoke. As the sex gets rougher and faster, Abbie's style becomes more straightfoward, as she has all she can do to get the cigarette to her mouth. Abbie smokes Marlboro Lights 100s, and uses lighters for lightups. This video has natural sound with some dialogue.

Abbie Oral
Perhaps the best IRL model in years, Abbie, has decided to cross the line and shoot an oral sex and smoking video for IRLX - and it doesn't disappoint. The video opens with Abbie putting on her makeup, getting ready for an IRL shoot - smoking several cigarettes with big snaps and both mouth and nose exhales. An actor getting ready for a hardcore shoot in the same studio comes by, and asks a few questions out of curiosity about smoking video. Abbie explains and also teases a bit - which inevitably leads to Abbie's offer to show what smoking oral sex is all about. They go at it for quite a while, with a messy facial finish, and then Abbie goes back to her makeup table for a final cigarette, basking in the afterglow. Abbie shows strong oral technique, and of course shows her great smoking style throughout the video, even during the oral sex. She shows lots of snaps, cones that bathe the man's organ in smoke, and nice nose exhales while going down on him. It's a strong performance. Abbie smokes VS 100s during the video, and uses lighters for lightups. This video has natural sound and some dialogue.

Adarra Hardcore
BRAND NEW RELEASE! We've already seen how much Adarra craves smoke. Now, we see how much she craves sex, too. In this unbelievable video, Adarra starts out smoking a cork 100 and quickly dives into perfectly-done smoky oral sex; she takes lots of double drags to satisfy her need for smoke, then either lets her enormous exhales envelop her man's cock or goes down on him with twin thick streams flowing from her nose. She chains through three cigarettes during the smoky BJ - and then flips over, lights a pair of corks, and smokes both at once during energetic doggy-style hardcore sex. That's still not enough smoke, so Adarra chains into another cigarette, and then one more, as the sex reaches a frantic and messy finish. The mouth and nose exhales are huge; there are snaps scattered throughout - as Adarra puts on a truly amazing performance. This video has natural sound, and is also available for download at the Smoking Clip Store.

Adarra Solo
Sexy Adarra returns in four hot, explicit scenes. First, she lights up and quickly takes off her bra to play with her nipples (and bathe them in smoke); next, she loosens her teddy so she can play with her boobs and work her pussy as she smokes; and then it's another lingerie, smoking and masturbation scene as she uses a vibrator while chaining to work herself to orgasm. Finally, Adarra shows off her oral smoking sex talents as she expertly works her man's cock with her mouth and smoke leading to a swallowing finish. Adarra smokes Marlboro Lights 100s with deep drags and thick exhales (plus residuals), along with dangles during masturbation and nose exhales as she's going down on her guy. This video has natural sound.
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